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Fashion Icons Without Stylist

The latest style icons are eager to flaunt their own refined taste for clothes and accessories without the assistance of professional stylists. Indeed their outfits reflect a non-conformist and at the same time uber-flattering attitude towards style and fashion trends in general. Some of them are eager to stand in the row and impress with class others would be more willing to surprise and shock. As trends evolve and change with the speed of the light more and more fashion icons without stylists pop up in the industry be it from Hollywood, the stage of music or the catwalk. Let yourself be inspired by these rare beauties to find your own signature style.

Fashion Icons Without Stylist

Professional fashion gurus are eager to transmit their knowledge of golden rules of style, clothes and accessories to the beloved personalities of the entertainment industry. Their outfits often mirror the latest tendencies both in details and the overall appearance. Those who might go their own way decide to take a risk and either make it to the best dressed list or the other end. However it seems that the following fashion icons without stylist had luck and more talent and sense to compose the most exquisite style fantasies. Though some very young others a few years earlier entered the industry as apprentices then turned to their own perspectives of what style really means.

From the red carpet looks to the casual chic attires, these prominent figures of modern fashion recruit millions of fans due to their unique radiance. The public is kept in suspense before every special event that could serve as the best occasion to flaunt their own creations and most of all combos of cute accessories as well as basic clothing pieces that complement their silhouette and would rise above the crowd due to their smashing visual-effect. These are some of the main socialites we should keep an eye on for inspiration.

Chloe SevignyAlexa Chung

Chloe Sevigny

  • The successful actress as well as fashion designer managed to create her own trademark fashion style that combines the various details from alternative looks as Punk, Grunge as well as Vintage. Geek chic also find its place in her outfits that might apparently look as a blurred ensemble due to the multifarious tendencies still silhouette-consciousness as well as the harmonious color combos managed to secure the well-defined allure to her looks. The public is looking froward to copycat the upcoming outfits and style operas that are now flashed also on the runway due to the rising career of Chloe Sevigny as a fashion guru.

  • Alexa Chung
  • The Brit style icon, moderator as well as an ex-model occupies her well-merited place in the Hall of Fame of fashion due to the age- and always event-appropriate apparels she composes. These also appeal to the mysterious and unique realm of Grunge, Vintage and above all Rock chick trends. However it seems that Alexa masters the art of fusing all these branches into a single outfit that radiates confidence as well as femininity. Always preserving the youthful allure Miss Chung continues to evolve in her fashion career paving the way for her already successful fashion show entitled 'Frock You'. You'll find the dandy-style pieces as well as the more girlish details and accessories in the same context when it comes of characterizing Alexa Chung.

  • Irinia LazareanuAgyness Deyn

    Irina Lazareanu

  • Also labeled as the 'Fashion Tornado', Irina Lazareanu the Romanian-born and Canadian model is one of the main attractions of fashion shows. Her non-conformist attitude mesmerized the designers who are eager to promote their creations with this sylph-like silhouette and strong personality. The naught girl look is the quintessential image she managed to create in order to emanate her youthful and groovy attitude towards fashion and life in general. The Pete Doherty sweetheart supermodel flashes her revolutionary taste for accessories and clothes by offering surprising combination of evening dresses and boots as well as additional accessories.

  • Agyness Deyn
  • The young model and fashion muse is eager to surprise and shock the public with her authentic and versatile outfit ideas as well as hair styles. One of the leading style chameleons Agyness Deyn served as the main source of inspiration for those who wished to bust the golden rules of fashion and accessorizing. Her boyish figure paired with either fairy-tale dresses or boyish apparels all managed to create the proper aura for a blooming style icon. One of her chief merits to mention would be the lack of any professional help. It seems that Agyness has the ability to breathe life into the 80s pop trend, the Rock chick cult as well as to the Grunge trend more than anyone from contemporary style muses.

  • Kirsten DunstNatalie Portman

    Kirsten Dunst

  • The young actress is one of the admired and beloved actresses of Hollywood who mesmerized the world from an early age as the Vampire girl in the 'Interview with The Vampire' as well as the cute stewardess in 'Elizabethtown'. It would be however a pity to consider only her acting career and sweep the unique fashion style under the carpet. One of the modern style icons who decided to spare herself of the help of a pro stylist, Kirsten Dunst fuses the elements of Boho chic with that of Retro-glam and Geek chic. Hats, bags as well as denim shorts are only some of the must have wardrobe staples of her style. Casual wear illustrates her sophisticated approach towards trends and accessorizing.

  • Natalie Portman
  • Natalie Portman who paved the way to her laureate actress career with movies as 'Closer' or the 'Star Wars' series. Indeed both her acting talent as well as refined clothing style grant her with the admiration of millions of fans. On the red carpet she wears favorite designers creations as Prada as well as Vivienne Westwood. However the casual ensembles reveal a more relaxed Natalie who opt with confidence for accessories as glasses and hats as well as scarves and the all time winner jeans. Still her versatile attires radiate a unique talent for fashion.

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