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Rihanna's Fashion Style

Rihanna has manages to capture worldwide attention due to her incredible talent and style. Find out why Rihanna is considered a style icon and how you can adopt her own sophisticated and unique fashion style.

Celebrities have always had an influence over fans so it is no surprise that Rihanna fashion style is leaving it's print over more and more young girls and women all over the world. Rihanna is an international superstar who's voice and incredible fashion sense enchants and dazzles.

Rihanna's transformation
Rihanna started her career without making too much stir. A cute girl from Barbados carrying plenty of talent tried to make a name for herself but the entertainment industry is very difficult to penetrate. Her cute look, good girl attitude and sense of style made Rihanna barely noticed, but it seems that an incredible amount of style was ticking like a time bomb.
In a few months Rihanna evolved greatly from every point of view, musically as well as fashion wise. Her incredible talent brought her all the success she deserves. Her transformation shocked the world but in a pleasant way as she went from long girly hairstyles to short interesting, versatile and funky hairstyles that made the world go crazy for her style. Adopting her own style, Rihanna managed to become a launcher for the latest fashion trends. Her incredibly stylish outfits expressed style and individuality. Women long to copycat her style as her powerful confident look attracts attention like a magnet.
The accessories Rihanna uses to accentuate her fashion style are absolutely fabulous. Oversized jewelry are the latest trend in women's fashion and Rihanna rocks this style.

Why a style icon?
Not all celebrities achieve this important status, that of a style icon as not all celebrities have a highly developed fashion style. A fashion icon has a very distinct way of dressing, a style that is highly personalized and filled with good taste. Putting together an outfit that differentiates itself by others is not an easy thing to do, this is why style icons develop.
Rihanna's unique fashion style helped her be observed and become an inspiration for women of all ages. A certain amount of talent is required in order to obtain this status and it seems that Rihanna easily managed to obtain it and it's not difficult to see why.

Rihanna Rihanna rihannaRihanna

What style does Rihanna adopt?
Rihanna has managed to develop her own fashion style, and she tries to adapt her style to the occasion. Dressing occasion appropriate is a definite must especially in the entertainment business where every move and every outfit, make-up style and hairstyle is subjected to the thoroughest exam. Fashion critiques follow every move they make and every accessory they used so getting it exactly right is very difficult but Rihanna seems to easily pass this challenge. She has never made the worst dressed list which is something worthy of admiration.

Rihanna is known for adopting more that just one style. Being versatile with fashion and style can only aid a person's physical appearance giving the advantage of surprise. Rihanna always takes her fans by surprise by constantly changing her hair color, hair style and style.
The style Rihanna can mostly be seen adopting is glam rock attire. She manages to express femininity through all of her outfits. She manages to soften up the look of spike outfits and accessories making herself stand out and look fabulously stylish and feminine.

Retro fashion style has made a huge comeback in fashion and Rihanna seems to work perfectly with this style. Retro outfits have a certain visual attraction due to the colors and interesting cuts the outfits usually feature. Tight outfits, ruffles, shoulder pads and neon colors are the main characteristic of retro fashion style. The new outfits created by important fashion designers look fabulous and Rihanna seems to wear the outfits with great style. It takes a great amount of confidence to be able to wear clothes that make one stand out and Rihanna does stand out wherever she makes an appearance. Short skirts, tie dye skinny pants and platform high heels emphasize Rihanna's gorgeous feminine forms.

Elegant style is a style that needs to be adopted by all celebrities as they must attend several red carpet events a year and Rihanna looks absolutely stunning whenever she wears an elegant outfit. Gorgeous long or short dresses are Rihanna's top choice when it comes to elegant attire. Classic or more sophisticated, Rihanna can properly wear any type of outfit.

Casual chic fashion style is represented by Rihanna's style through flats, hats, boots or funky sneakers. Skinny jeans, leggings and cute T-shirts create her causal attire and she looks fabulous. Cute accessories give her outfits the extra spice they need to stand out and capture attention.

Interesting accessories like oversized jewelery, studded and spiky bracelets, oversized handbags, scarfs and funky eye wear upgrade Rihanna's outfits. Accessories play a very important role in creating an individual outfit and Rihanna knows how to accessorize her outfits.
A true muse and fashion icon of today's world Rihanna can act as a great source of inspiration to every girl who wishes to develop a unique fashion style.

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